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In Financial Domination, it is the spiritual act of serving manifested by the money & gifts you give… your cash symbolizes your love for Me. You give and give again.

If I cannot physically beat you in cyberspace, I can certainly make you hurt in many more creative ways. If you cannot kneel before Me in person, you can certainly offer your heart to Me on a platter by becoming a money slave.

Your giving is an act of love, of submission, of devotion. It is just one form of expression in a multi-facetted experience of textures and emotions. If you like verbal humiliation and the sound of My voice talking down to you over the phone then you can also call My Phone Humiliation number.

Fot a gentler form of Financial Domination you may join My Members' Area.

I have the ability to ruin you, to bleed you dry. I know your fear of exposure and ruin excites many of you and is often the impetus for giving more. Will I act on your fears? Hahahaaaa… one can only guess. My pleasure is of the utmost importance. Keep Me happy and I may not ruin you, unless you beg Me nicely… your demise is at My capricious whim.

No time to waste. Call My Phone Humiliation Hotline or Pay Miss Brittany NOW!!!

Miss Brittany and the sinning priest!!


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