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To begin with we have this little offering a member of the Exquisite Feet Yahoo Group.

Miss Brittany Andrews, the Queen of Feet, is truly worthy of complete and utter worship. Miss Andrews deserves to live in a beautiful palace and be attended by adoring slaves twenty-four hours a day. Miss Andrews's perfect feet should be adorned with priceless jewels and beautiful slippers spun from golden thread. As the Queen of Feet, Miss Andrews is entitled a life of leisure, seated on an ornate throne, dressed in a regal gown worthy only of the Goddess that She is.

The focal point of Miss Brittany Andrews's slaves should be Her pleasure, rather than their own selfish desires. The myriad of men who worship Miss Andrews should consider it their duty to humbly provide Her with luxury and opulence; to serve the Queen of Feet by unselfishly providing Her with the life style She so richly deserves. It would be extremely gracious of Miss Andrews to allow Her minions to kneel before Her and beg Her to accept their offerings of gold, silver, and jewels. Their only reward would come from experiencing the privilege and satisfaction of having their offering accepted by the Queen of Feet.

It would be wonderful if Miss Andrews would consider allowing Her admirers to worship Her via financial servitude. My being permitted to send Miss Andrews my hard-earned money, with the understanding that I would receive absolutely nothing in return, would be an excellent lesson in humility for me. It would truly thrill me to be so blatantly used by Her.

With the millions of men who adore Miss Andrews, only a select few can have the honor of being in Her divine presence. Those of us who are unworthy must worship our Queen of Feet from afar. I would like to propose a ritual that all of Her humble slaves should perform in Her honor:

Brittany Andrews was born on August 13th, a Monday. Each Monday should be declared a day of celebration in which all Her worshipful slaves are required to pay tribute to Her via a masturbatory ritual. Each slave should create a shrine in honor of the Queen of Feet-- a framed portrait of Her beautiful feet would be suitable. Two candles should be lit and placed at either side of Her portrait. An ornate bowl should be placed in front of the portrait to receive the slave's offering. The adoring slaves should then disrobe, kneel before Her image and masturbate while admiring the beauty of Miss Andrews' feet. As the masturbation ritual is performed, the slave should chant: "Oh, my Sacred Foot Goddess, please accept my seed as an offering to Your divine feet." Masturbation should be performed to the rhythm of the slave's repeated prayer.

Once orgasm has been achieved and the offering has been deposited into the ceremonial bowl, the slave should pledge: "Oh, my Sacred Foot Goddess, I will now devour my seed as a demonstration of my humility before the splendor of Your divine feet." In the last phase of the ritual, the slave should dutifully lower himself and lap his seed from the ceremonial bowl. Every drop of seed should be swallowed by the slave.


foot slave zero

Mistress Brittany and Mistress Thora Nang worshipped by two slaves


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