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My potential slaves should all join My bitches' myspace page and put My banners on their myspace pages. The next task is to write me a poem, story or letter. You can be grovelling or submissive or just bitch-like. I shall leave the rest up to you and await your efforts for Me. Do not make Me wait too long!

You may send your poems to Me using My Contacts Form.

by Don Quixotic

Her ass is sweet
Her pussy is rich
Shes soft and gentle
And shes a bitch

She'll treat you kindly
She'll fuck you with sass
But if give her the chance
She'll fuck your ass

Like it or not
Straight or Bi
If she thinks youre hot
She'll pop youre brown eye

But do not fret
You'll get over the sodomy
Because she'll get you rock hard
When she asks you to call her mommy

by foot slave zerO

I love Brittany Andrews' wonderful feet,
The are so pretty, fragrant, and sweet.
So soft and supple, they call to me
Like sirens of forbidden seas.
Her toes are pedicured so very well,
And have such a delicious taste and smell.
Her arches are so high and bold.
Her soles so lovely to behold.
Bare or shod they deserve a place
To be resting leisurely upon my face.
A pair of feet so wondrous as she does own,
To all the world they should be shown,
On posters and in magazines,
And paintings, signs, and movie screens.
And then it will soon come to be
Her feet have earned a place in history.

Brittany's Feet surrounded by lovely money!!


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