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I, Miss Brittany, have quite a few bills. Some are to run my business and some are for myself and my personal pleasure. I'm allowing my financial slaves to assist me with these bills. Each amount listed is for one month only so if you have paid one of my bills before you can always pay it again or pay a more expensive bill this time.

If you are particularly good at Math you may add two or more bills together, or even multiply them if you wish.

Think up the amount you wish to pay then Pay Miss Brittany!

Business Bills
Staff Payroll
Misc Expenses
Cell Phones
Medical Insurance
Office Computers
DSL Internet
Sub Total
Personal expenses
Apartment Rent
Money for Fun
Unforseen medical expenses
Help for Sister
Drinking Water
Sub Total
Travel expenses and Misc
Misc Travel (Meals, extra luggage)
Sub Total

Select the amount you wish to pay then Pay Miss Brittany!

Brittany loves to walk on her money when she goes upstairs to bed!


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