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Brittany Andrews started her career as a dancer at a nightclub in Milwaukee, Wisconnsin. She immediately I became one of its stars; soon she was touring the globe performing for audiences in places like Japan and Guam, not to mention every state in the U.S. Meeting Jenna Jameson in Jamaica changed her life. Jenna told Brittany everything she needed to know about the adult film industry. We should thank Jenna too, for convincing Brittany to give it a shot. We caught up with Brittany and found out what she has been up to...

Xtreme: So what's been going on in the wonderful world of Brittany Andrews?

Brittany: Aside from traveling all around the world, at the moment I'm involved with 4 titles a month in which I'm producing, directing and distributing through "Old Pueblo." Plus "Britco Pictures" my 5000 square foot studio in Los Angeles, which is rented out for web casting, photo shoots and film. I also have my own cyber erotic porthole www.nichebitchnetwork.com that consists of about 22 websites including Club Brittany and Exquisite Feet.

Xtreme: Sounds like a ton of stuff, are you ever in front of the camera or just behind the scenes these days?

Brittany: I'm in front of the camera, mostly "Fem Dom" stuff; I beat the fuck out of men and then rape their asses!

Xtreme: Can't say I expected to hear that answer.

Brittany: Well, it is a normal everyday occurrence in my life. Mostly what I specialize in is trampling, smothering, face sitting, female to male strap on, foot fetish and smoking.

Xtreme: Do you practice this stuff in your personal life?

Brittany: I've had quite a few slaves, not good enough to be boyfriends but perfect little bitches for changing my cat litter. Sometimes I'll pick up a one-night stand and yes I rape their ass too.

Xtreme: What kind of guy do you look for... not that I am interested?

Brittany: The most gorgeous guy in the club, if it's a one-night stand, I could care less about their personality. I intend to take them home and degrade them while taking my strap on cock out of their ass and shoving it right into their mouth.

Xtreme: Ok, on that note...next question, what are you wearing right now?

Brittany: Oh, I'm naked.

Xtreme: Really, are you totally shaved?

Brittany: Yes, I'm so smooth and soft. I've been bald forever.

Xtreme: So what's the deal, you couldn't decide what to wear for this, so you just figured you'd do it naked?

Brittany: Well, I just got out of the shower. As much as I love being naked, I'm really into cloth, Dolce Gabbana, Cavalli, Versace, Ungaro, Dior and Prada. Love 'em. I spend most of my spare time shopping on Rodeo drive. I'm a total fashion whore.

Xtreme: What about your make up? You always seem to reinvent yourself.

Brittany: I usually do my own make up. I am on the board of directors for a couple different women's organizations and one of them is "W.I.A." Women in Adult. We have a message board on www.xbiz.com and it's funny because everybody always asks me about that. I'm constantly posting make up tips on there. I think a lot has to do with the fact that I am comfortable trying absolutely anything.

Xtreme: You're like the Madonna of porn.

Brittany: Thanks, I'm always changing my style. I wear different wigs; black, blue, red, you name it. Recently my hair has been blonde, then I went to black, after that blonde and black and now it's hot pink! Most girls have one certain look they feel comfortable with, their hair and make up is always the same. ..not me!

Xtreme: I know, I've seen you pull off everything from the classy elegant look to some crazy futuristic fetish fashion.

Brittany: It also depends on ...well, not to be a cunt, but at this years award show it was the worst fashion faux pas I've ever fuckin' seen. Versace had this dress that everybody seemed to rip off, and one of them being Victoria's Secret. It was a one

hundred-dollar dress and I must have seen 300 girls wearing the exact same thing! I probably spent about t t grand on my outfit that night. So I guess it comes off classy because I'm not wearing a hundred-dollar outfit.

Xtreme: Wow, I'm speechless...how did you just use the word "cunt" so nonchalant? And also don't ya think you went a little overboard? For that kinda cash a better option might've been jeans and a T-shirt while rolling up on a new motorcycle.

Brittany: Yeah but I love clothes, I design a lot of my own clothes. ..everything from boots to gloves. I buy all the materials and fabrics; I come up with the sketches. And then go to a ton of different designers with everything and start the process. It's a huge ordeal.

Xtreme: All right before this starts sounding like an interview for Vogue tell me some sex stuff.

Brittany: Ok, I masturbate to johnny Depp on a regular basis.

Xtreme: Now we are getting somewhere....

Brittany: Yeah, I've actually worked really hard on aggregating an obsession for him because inevitably what ends up happening is anytime I'm dating somebody, they are the only one I masturbate too. Once we break up I start thinking, "Fuck this person" so I used to have to spend like a month or two where I couldn't masturbate at all because my brain would always revert back to that significant other. Therefore I've learned to have this obsession with johnny Depp. Now, when I'm in between boyfriends I masturbate thinking about dressing him up in sexy stockings and heels, putting some cock sucking red lipstick on him, treating him like a little bitch, pulling his hair, and raping his ass.

Xtreme: Well Brittany we know what johnny Depp can expect from you but how about the rest of us, what's next?

Brittany: I'll be continuing my "Strap on Fantasies" series and "Brittany's Bitch Boys" and same thing with "Exquisite Feet" and a couple other titles. I'll also be touring this summer with a couple other girls performing at all the Improv clubs.

Xtreme: Performing?

Brittany: I perform all kinds of stand-up comedy, Improv games, skits and sketches.

Xtreme: You could be the Chris Rock of the adult industry, and yet we still can't wait to see you dancing around naked, so where and when can we check that out?

Brittany: I will be performing at ERV'S BYO in Allentown, PA, [already happened]. If you are man enough then come out to see me, I guarantee I won't let you down!


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